#Stray Animals
Karing Kennels Kadena Adoption Center

Hello. We are Jenny, Keith and Rhythm. We are doing an English project to where we would like to raise awareness about stray animals because there is an large amount of them in Okinawa, Japan. We go to the school OCSI (Okinawa Christian School International) and are 13 years old. Signing the petition will say that you agree that less animals should be euthanized and more should be turned into shelters.

Signing this petition means that you agree with our opinion and think that animals should be rescued or turned into shelters. They should not be bought from pet shops or stores because adopting one for free is better than spending money on an animal. Of course, you don't have to agree but if you would like to sign our petition, we would love to have you added to our signature list.

Best Regards,
Jenny Ouellette, Keith Thompson, Rhythm Urushibara

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