NSW Dept of Education

After voluminous and copious quantities of unmitigated bleat from newspapers, the Department of Education have begun to consider dismantling the selective school system. They are once again displaying symptoms of SEVERE TALL POPPY SYNDROME, simply to win election results from the majority of the community, who think that people who work hard are "gaming the system". IN ACTUAL FACT, IF SOMEONE WORKS HARD AND TRAINS FOR A POSITION, WHETHER IT BE A JOB OR A COVETED SPOT IN A SELECTIVE SCHOOL, THEY DESERVE TO GET IT. THE SELECTIVE TEST DOES NOT, WE REPEAT, "DOES NOT", ALLOW PEOPLE TO CHEAT OR GAME THE SYSTEM. IT IS FAIR AND UNBIASED. YOU WORK FOR IT, YOU GET IT. Lately, some retarded, racist, jealous and uneducated dumb "Aussie citizens" have been working their asses off, grumbling to the newspapers, using them as their own personal megaphones, They drag race and religion TOTALLY UNFAIRLY into it, and attack those who just want to work hard, as education is the way out of poverty. The government is actually listening to these bleats, and, seizing the opportunity to gain votes and popularity from the majority (a racist, uneducated, envious majority who want to sit on their asses and still achieve goals in life), they proposed shutting down selective schools. WE NEED TO STOP THIS NOW. IF THE GOVERNMENT PUTS SO MUCH CARE (and they should) INTO TAKING CARE OF DISABLED AND DISADVANTAGED KIDS, THEY SHOULD SINK THE SAME AMOUNT OF MONEY INTO HELPING THE SMART KIDS, WHO ARE JUST GETTING SLAMMED FOR WORKING HARD. WHY? WE NEED TO STOP THIS.

We, the undersigned, want to stop the dismantling of selective schools, prevent racism, stop slamming kids who only worked hard for quality education they deserve and believe in opportunities for bright kids.

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