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Donald J. Trump

After the firestorm that erupted over Donald Trumps comments on Arab immigration to the Unite States, extreme leftists in Israel used the opportunity to protest his visit.

Mr. Trump, should know that mainstream Israel supports his positions towards radical Islam and we to yearn from an uncompromising war on Islamic terror.

Please consider reading my open letter to Donald Trump to gain a deeper understanding of the Israeli-Arab conflict.

Yosef Rabin


Dear Donald Trump.

You have just announced the cancellation of your upcoming trip to the State of Israel and its holiest site the Temple Mount.

Please know that this cancellation is a profound mistake, because there is much for you to learn about Israel and about the conflict before you become President.

A visit to our sacred Temple Mount, the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron, Rachel's Tomb in Bethlehem and the Judean-Samarian Mountain range will give you religious, historic and a current understanding of the Arab war against Israel.

Mr. Trump, as future President of the United States, you will make decisions, which will impact the Jewish Nation.

The time is now for you to come and learn about the Jewish past, present and future that is the State of Israel.

Respectfully yours,

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