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Huntingdon District Council
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Brampton Parish Council (BPC) has made a request to Huntingdonshire District Council (HDC) to introduce a new dog control in Brampton’s Memorial Field. BPC has asked that the Memorial Field be designated as a Dogs On Leads area. This would mean that dogs would only be allowed in the Memorial Field if they are on a lead and would not be allowed to walk or run off-lead at any time. This request has been made because of a few persistent dog owners NOT clearing up after their dog.
However, Dogs on leads will NOT prevent fouling (pavements with fouling on prove this) ... dogs need to run and they have a lovely social experience with other dogs whilst running off lead ... every dog and owner I meet and know ALWAYS clears up after their dog ... Brampton Memorial Field is for everyone to enjoy including owners of dogs ... it is the absolutely disrespectful and lazy owners who are potentially going to spoil this amenity for us 99% responsible and careful dog owners .... to see dogs running and enjoying their ‘freedom’ is heartwarming, exercising is so beneficial and important to their mental welbeing and socialistation. There is nowhere else in Brampton to free run our dogs.
Dogs will foul whether on or off a lead ... it is the owners who have the responsibility to clean up after their dog.
We, the undersigned, do NOT support the proposal for a ban on dogs being in lead only on Brampton Memorial Fields
Please sign this petition to show your support in continuing to allow our dogs to free run on our local amenity. *Please note that whilst completely understanding your privacy Huntingdon District Council has advised that anonymous signatures will not be taken into account

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