#Animal Welfare
Andrew Weaver, Head of Enviromental Health, London Borough of Tower Hamlets
United Kingdom

Please support this petition to ensure responsible dog owners will continue to be able to exercise their dogs/companions off lead in our parks in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

The following Notice was 'slipped' into the Eastend Life newspaper 3 February 2014 - all representations need to be with LBTH by 6th March 2014 - we have a very short time to action this and make our voices heard!



The justification of this by LBTH is that 'we continue to have a problem with dog fouling in the borough despite the best efforts of the Clean and Green team to clear it up, and of the Animal Wardens and Theos to enforce anti-fouling laws and encourage more responsible dog ownership. There was at the same time an agreement by the Olympic Park boroughs to all enact similar orders affecting the Park, and we concluded that powers available to protect the Park would also benefit the rest of the borough. Therefore we decided to consult the public on these new orders which will extend our powers and hopefully help us achieve the sort of public realm improvements residents, Members and officers would like to see'

The public and relevant officials were NOT made aware of this proposal in advance.

This notice of Proposal is contry to the advice of leading animal welfare experts, RSPCA and PDSA, recommending that dogs have at least 60 minutes per day off lead - if this proposal goes ahead this is impossible LBTH.

Responsible dog owners in the borough recognise that the minority that are causing these dog fouling issues in our public parks will not be curbed by dogs being on leads. The fouling will still happen.

Rather than this proposal being passed the residents would like to see evidence of the current laws on dog fouling/dangerous dogs being policed and enforced, as this is not an active campaign in the area.

Your support for this petition is greatly appreciated.

We, the undersigned, call on Andrew Weaver, Head of Environmental Health, London Borough of Tower Hamlets to stop this Notice of Proposal to make dogs on lead by direction order.

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