#Civil Rights
All humanity

The selfish and reckless determination of innumerable owners to keep domestic dogs under circumstances which are entirely unnatural to a creature congenitally programmed to free-range has been allowed by default to become an uncontrolled plague causing almost universal distress to man and dog to such a disruptive extent that while consequent human suffering is increasing exponentially, millions of these cruelly victimised creatures are now being euthanised annually.

We, the undersigned, acting compassionately in the interests of human and animal welfare, request the world-wide formation of Dog-free Communities (of various sizes such as groups of homes, streets, suburbs, villages, towns, and even cities) by the formal designation of extant local areas according to need, and by the construction of new areas, to provide the peace and quiet and safety so increasingly sought by so many noise-distressed victims, and we furthermore require the absolutely rigorous enforcement of the relevant laws for order in all areas having Dog-free status.

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