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Citizens in America who believe change needs to happen
United States of America

With African Americans being under looked by many just because the color of their skin “they have a more difficult time building wealth” (Raines), and without wealth it is very difficult to send their “children to college” (Raines) and them to get a good job. African Americans had a late start compared to White Americans, they did not have access to own property “because they were property.” (Raines) Lastly Raines demonstrates how ever since America was founded nothing here has “been built on equality.”(Raines) To further my stance on America not treating all citizens the same because of their beliefs or choices. Inequality in America is not only based on the colors of someone’s skin, but it goes so deep that people get judged off their name. For example, two people could apply for a job interview. They can have the same education level, the same age, and even the exact same height, but the more “African- American-sounding names” (Kirchner) have a 50% less chance of getting that interview because it doesn’t “sound professional

Do you think that change is long overdue in America? Ever since America was colonized by the British there has never been equality, Americans had to come together and take back their homeland and not be treated inferior. Soon again inequality began to arise when Africans were brought to become property for White Americans, but African Americans and a select amount of White Americans came together once again to initiate change. Although we have made drastic improvement, there is still a lot more to be done. So if you believe that change needs to be made side with me and sign this petition!

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