#Human Rights
Tony Blair
United Kingdom

I believe that the many terrorist attacks that are being carried out all over the world are very wrong and should be stopped. But if we decide to join George Bush in his unrealistic aims to put an end to this by killing others then that makes us as bad as them. We must stop these attacks, yes, we should not, however, kill innocent persons and increase hatred between nations and races. It could also result in mass destruction in this country, not only killing the innocent people that never wantewd this but also your innocent loved ones and friends. think about it, if the general public don't make their feelings known then we are as guilty as Tony Blair, George Bush and ,yes, Osama Bin Laden in allowing this inevitable mass killing to go ahead!

We the undersigned petition against the potential war on Iraq that will inevtiably affect us and our loved ones that are innocent. Or are they, if we just stand by and watch these events we are as guilty as those who encourage it!

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