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With respect to the reported plan to have a 55% vote for the dissolution of Parliament I must protest in the strongest terms. I believe that the Libdems put in their manifesto that they wanted to remove only the right of a PM to be able to call an election on his own.

I do not believe that they intended for that to interfere (as presently being reported) with Parliaments ability to force an election though a single vote of no confidence using the present 50% plus one vote system.

I believe that the 50% plus 1 winning vote principle in Parliament for any vote, including the proposed dissolution of Parliament vote, must not be tampered with. It is democratic,has stood the test of time and has done us well for hundreds of years and we the electorate have not given any mandate for anyone to change this.

Secondly we also know that the Conservative party has a 47% share of Parliament which means that based on the reported 55% proposal the other 53% of MP's including the Libdems could not vote it out with a single vote as it could today if the reports on the changes to the vote of confidence is true? If so this is clearly undemocratic and could lead to the 53% having to repeal the 55% rule in order to remove the government a position they should never need to be put in too.

Addressed to Her Majesty's Government,

The British Government has been reported as saying that they will plan to introduce a law requiring 55% of MP's to vote in favour to dissolve Government before the Prime Minister can request the Queen to do so. As the Conservative Party has 47% of MP's this would mean that the other 53% of MP's could not vote them out as they can do now. At present any vote for any issue in Parliament only requires a majority of 50% of votes plus one additional vote to win. A system that has served us well for Hundreds of years.

We the people of the United Kingdom demand that the present democratic Parliamentary voting systems of a majority of one to win a vote remains unchanged for any vote on any issue in Parliament as we have not given you a mandate to change this.

We further believe that if the present situation is changed, irreparable harm will be done to the institutions of democracy in the United Kingdom.

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