European Union

May 6, 2006

Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam have been fighting for Tamils, for Freedom, for a HOMELAND (Tamil Eelam) for very long time. Now, they are close to achiveing their goal.

We, Tamils from around the world, must show our support to the heroes that are sacrificing their lives for our good.

Dear Tamil Citizens, please take your time to read this and sign the petition.

Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam are fighting for our future generation, for our freedom, for a very own land for TAMIL. At the present time European Union is thinking if it should ban LTTE. PLEASE sign the petition and show your support to LTTE. Your signature can change the life of our Tamil People.

This will send a message to European Union and to the whole world that, there are lots of people that care about hte freedom for Tamils in Sri Lanka.

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