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Wilson County Commission
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There is a proposal to re-zone 20 (twenty) acres on West Richmond Shop Road in Wilson County, TN to become HEAVY INDUSTRIAL (I-2).  This area is currently exclusively zoned RESIDENTIAL and AGRICULTURAL, and sits between the Cedars of Lebanon State Park & Forrest Reserve.  

As residents of this neighborhood, we OPPOSE this re-zoning request.  The industrial development of the land will restrict our right to enjoy our property, potentially negatively affect our property values, and jeopardize the future of the neighborhood.  We feel it will invade the peace and quiet of the rural area with light, noise, and traffic pollution.  

This goes BEYOND this neighborhood, it could affect the entire County.  Industrial Developers have flocked to Wilson County, which has been great for business, as long as it's within the Land Use Plan created by the County. There are zoning ordinances in place for a reason, one of them is "to provide for the public, health, safety, morals, and general welfare..." as stated in the Zoning Ordinance.  

We fear this re-zoning could be used as an example for further Industrial Development within Residential & Agricultural areas throughout the county.  It could be the land next door, along the rear property line of your land, or even directly across from your front door. Let's protect Residential & Agricultural land in Wilson County.

Please sign this petition and join us in asking our District Commissioners to VOTE NO in the upcoming re-zoning proposal on West Richmond Shop Road (district 13).  Feel free to call and ask them directly.

Please attend the County Commission meeting February 25th at 7:00pm at the Wilson County Courthouse (top floor).
Thank you!

We, the undersigned, oppose the upcoming re-zoning proposal on West Richmond Shop Road in Wilson County, TN.
We oppose Industrial Zoning within Residential & Agricultural land.

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