Reigstered Voters
United States of America

The Democratic National Committee voted to strip Florida and Michigan of all of their delegates for moving the dates of their primaries up past the desired DNC date.

Particularly egregious is the fact that Florida's Republican controlled legislature tied the move up date with an initiative to have machines with voter verified paper ballots.

On the dates of the Florida and Michigan primary 5.2 million people turned out to vote. Their votes must be counted, fairly and accurately.

In a year that the last primary on the calendar will be as important as the first, every single voter should have a voice.

Count the votes!

We the people request that the DNC count the votes that were initially cast in the primaries in Florida and Michigan before the convention.

It is imperative that the voices of the voters in Florida and Michigan be acknowledged and counted if the Democratic party wishes to continue it's viability and it's claim to be "democratic".

It is imperative that the Democratic party count these votes if they expect to keep the support that many of us have gladly and freely given thus far in the history of the party.

The Democratic Party cannot assume our continued support and loyalty if it allows for the disenfranchisement of the voters of Florida and Michigan.

It is imperative that neither candidate (or the DNC) be allowed to disenfranchise these voters. It is not about either candidate or the party, or the party rules it is about the voters and the citizens of these states and the will of the people.

We the undersigned request that the Democratic National Committee count the votes of Florida and Michigan before the convention.

Count the votes!

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