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We note the British government's April 2007 statement to the UN regarding climate change:

"Recent scientific evidence has reinforced, and in some cases exceeded, our worst fears. The threat we face has grown larger in scale and sharper in outline, and the impacts go far beyond the environmental. Their consequences reach to the very heart of the security agenda.

- The consequences of flooding, disease and famine and from that, migration on an unprecedented scale.
- The consequences of drought and crop-failure and from that intensified competition for food, water and energy.
- The consequences of economic disruption on the scale predicted in the Stern Report and not seen since the end of World War Two."

We believe that the government's Climate Change Bill does not go far and fast enough to address the threat to Britain's security.

We call upon the British government to urgently divert 10% of the annual defence budget of £33 billion to addressing the grave security threat posed by climate change.

We call for these funds to be used immediately to drive down greenhouse gas emissions across the economy: through enhanced investment in research and development into renewable energy and a crash programme of making the UK's houses and buildings more energy efficient.

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