Over the years, Runescape has been receiving updates which the Runescape community never asked for a dislike.

Runescape was once a community-driven game, with Jagex listening to its customers, and making the game better with little updates. But ever since, they've been bringing updates which the community never wanted and lead to large decline in the number of active players.

The Evolution of Combat is only in beta stages, but like RS2, the community never asked or wanted it. Jagex has been comparing RuneScape to games like World of Warcraft and want to have better graphics.

The Runescape community, however, don't want high-end graphics, they want old Runescape - simple graphics, no blood or gore, simplicity.

Sign this petition if you're one of them and don't want Evolution of Combat to take effect.

I, the signer of this petition, do not support Evolution of Combat to take effect, and would prefer Jagex to leave RuneScape as it was.

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