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Many schools around the U.S. require students to dissect a once living creature, pass-or-fail. This meaning you have to do it or else you get a zero for the grade.

Dissection is a horrible thing to sponsor, when most animals are bred for the purpose, stolen from good homes, or found in "Free to Good Home" ads. A major biological supplier was found injecting cats with formaldehyde while alive, and this chemical has been found to cause lung, throat, and nasal passage cancer when exposed to children.

So the ultimate goal of this petition is asking schools to think about a dissection choice policy, which is having the choice to dissect or use another replacement program. This includes CD-Roms, Videos (DVD or VHS), and Books.

By giving a choice you can cut down school budget, and by switching to no dissection at all you are saving lives and saving money. While one CD-Rom may cost $200, you have all these bodies for much more. And a disc can be handed down to use over and over, plus all classes can use the same one.

A common argument is "Well how can the students learn hands-on with a computer disc?" Respond to this by giving the facts of health benefits, what really happens to dissection subjects, and the topic of school budget savings. It's much better for the environment because disposing of the bodies can give runoff that harms the soil and animals who use it.

These CD-Roms have so much detail and you don't have to worry about messing up and having to find another animal to start over with, because this is mistake-proof. They spent much time developing these great products that have had wonderful reviews. And you can even just get them on loan, so no money is spent!

Please help encourage schools to take a stand.

NOTE: I will be showing this to my own principal and encouraging him that many people care about animals. I have talked to him before on the issue but seem not to be taken seriously so now I will prove my point with the help or all animal rights friends!

Thanks for your support, and I encourage others to use this as a backup for getting a dissection choice policy!

We who sign here are asking all school systems to consider a dissection choice policy, and show our concern for the welfare of all animals.

We agree upon one goal, which is to make sure there is another option for future generations so that animal cruelty decreases and awareness increases.

Please consider our thoughts and comments on the matter, and thank you for your time.

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