#Consumer Affairs
Verizon Voyager
United States of America

Petition by Harbor point residents about the slow and unreliable DSL service we are receiving.

We residents of Harbor Point Apartments complex feel extremly dissatisfied with the high speed service that was provided to us.
During the last few months our DSL connections provided very low reliability, very slow speeds and and outrageous down times. We feel extremly prejudiced by the type of service that we are receiving. Each of us has tried to reach VZ avenue customer service and explain the situation, but our calls and efforts went in vain. No solution was presented to us and nobody at Verizon seems to care. We pay an outrageous parice for a DSL service slower than a dial-up connection.

This petition is to inform Verizon's upper management of these issues and to urge them to find a technical solution as soon as possible to remedy the slugginesh of this service.

Verizon Avenue Customers.

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