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Wright Wyoming had a tornado in 2005. It affected the whole town. Cottonwood Mobile Home Park was hit hard, losing over 100 mobile homes.

FEMA came to the aide and brought in temporary housing for the people that lost their homes. Now they are looking into moving these mobile homes to the tribal government reservations. The only problem is, we are in a desparate need for housing in our Town and County.

The waiting lists at our apartment complex we have in town is 150 familys waiting to move to a new job when housing becomes available. The motel we have in town is booked months in advance. Businesses/familys are waiting to move to this area for work, but there is no place for anyone to live. If the mobile homes could be left here and put up for auction and sold, to individuals, the govenment would be able to recover some of the expense of the mobile homes instead of spending more money to transport them to another area.

Our town is ready to grow and develope. If these homes where left here, the community could continue to grow and ease the housing crisis.

We, the undersigned, call on the goverment (FEMA) to leave the temporary housing mobile homes in Cottonwood Mobile Home Park located in Wright, Wyoming.

We are asking to put the mobile homes up for auction to help with the housing crisis in Wright, Wyoming and Campbell County, where there is a significant need for housing. The waiting lists range from 75 to 200 people waiting for housing.

If there is a need where the homes have been placed, why move them to the tribal government areas, when the cost of moving them is a great expense to the government. Leaving the mobile homes in Wright, Wyoming would benefit the community and the government.

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