United States of America

Puerto Rico has proven a beast of burden to the United States. It also has engaged in Anti-American chants and protests.

Puerto Rico has proven to be a bad investment for the United States. Overall this small island of about 5 million inhabitants has cost us over 16 Billion a year, with little or no generated revenue.

Just a couple of weeks ago, a puerto rican freedom fighter was killed, in connection to armored car robberies in the late 70's. Upon the killing of this CRIMINAL, puerto rican nationals engaged in ANTI- AMERICAN chants and protest.

On top of that, these people have parades in OUR nation parading a flag that in actuallity doesn't exist. If these people truely want to be part of our nation, they must denounce their flag and uphold ours.

We, the undersigned, want complete disinvolvement with the Island of Puerto Rico.

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