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The very fundamental value of America will be perturbed and perpetrated on July 12th on the floor of the US senate, by the most dangerous bunch of people on earth “the Hindu fundamentalists”.

It has been reported that senate has invited a Hindu Chaplain by name Rajan Zed from North Nevada to perform this Vedic prayers to start the senate session in Washington DC. This is the height of not only ignorance but height of insanity. Why?, as we all know that America stands for equality, human values, individual rights, liberty and land of opportunity for the capable. On the contrary, Hindu’s of India stands for inequality, highly discriminative of humans as upper, lower and untouchables.

The Hindu Caste system that divided the society and broke the society into thousands of valueless pieces in the caste system, this very same caste system is destroying the dalits every single day in the last 3000 years and it is continuing as of today. The whole pathology of the Indian society stems from this very Vedic preaching’s and teachings.

The Veda scriptures were the foundation for the human discrimination and violence in India. The hindu fundamentalists are destroying Christian churches, burning Christian fathers alive, raping and killing the Christian woman and other minorities, how callous is the senate members who trumpet to invite a hindu chaplain to pray in US senate?

Moreover, the very Vedic learned and earned members of the hindu society are responsible for the enormous poverty, atrocity and responsible for the degraded inhuman treatments of dalits all over India.

How ironic is that the 218 year old, highly respectable US senate has conceived such a pathological idea of hindu prayer? While the 55 year old Indian parliament never advocated or entertained such hindu Vedic prayer in its own land. Because, the savior of Dalits society Dr.B.R.Ambedkar, the first law minister of India and the father of the Indian constitution made caste system illegal and unlawful. So, the good practices and good intentions of the parliament was preserved by the followers of Dr.B.R.Ambedkar and good humans who know the pathological intentions and satanic influence of unscientific and anti-social Vedic scriptures and its preaching’s. Veda and Rig Veda from where the scriptures of hymns will be selected is one of the oldest scriptures written in “Sanskrit” language, why do we Americans has to listen to some alien and ill conceived language that no body has any clue on earth as what the heck this chaplain is saying in his prayers.

This is the same Veda that preaches all men are not equal, this is the same Vedic scriptures teaches human discrimination of the highest order that is destroying humans and the society in India, this is the same Veda that practices sacrifices of animals, including humans to pray false gods.

As the Vedic and Hindu religion prays close to million gods, artificially created to keep the people of India under false and filthy faiths as well as to keep the Indians under constant fear of meaningless stones and idols, Veda is created as a tool to manipulate and control the 90% of the society by a merely 10% anti social elements of the society, so, except for those who created the Vedas who uphold the powerful positions and grabbed the entire opportunities of India into their backyard, are savage animals, they savaged the nation in the name of caste system. The human discrimination and segregation in India is 3000 years old organized social crime, it is a blot on any civilized society and the world. This is originated in the Veda, which discriminates humans as upper, lower, outcaste and untouchable, unseeable and what not!?.

The result, the Vedic teachings and prayers are constantly precipitated in Hindu’s and non-Hindu’s mind that they lack any reasoning and logical abilities, that is why they attack and kill their own fellow men and woman in India. Such is the greatness of Veda that the senate is interested in listening to on the 12th of July.

This initiative and steps taken by the US senate to start the senate with Veda prayer will enormously undermine the value system of America and such a step will encourage nations to discriminate their own people. This will encourage the hindu fundamentalists who are already attacking churches, Muslim prayers Halls and other minorities in India, especially it will give upper hand for the fundamentalist Hindu’s to continue to attack the innocent dalits in the name of meaningless Veda and scriptures. This will add fuel to the already dangerous Hindu’s atrocious activity in India, this Veda preaches and practices that all men are not equal.

Human rights, woman rights and minority rights are equally protected and respected in America, while no such rights exists in India mainly because of the hindu religious sanctions and orders that come through Veda. Is it worthy to use such a prayer in US senate?. Is it right to use such a prayer in US senate?
Respectable senators, congress men/woman and representatives, please be informed about the truths of such prayers from such dangerous religion. While the state has kept the church separate, how come you are bringing the Hindu temple and it’s callous prayers inside the US senate? Are you aware of how many dalits are getting killed in India every single day in the name of the caste system that originated from this very Veda and Vedic scriptures.

We sincerely hope you will pay some attention to these issues and take immediate action to stop the Veda prayers in the upcoming senate session on 12th of July, 2007.

If you respect and follow the American traditional value system that all men are equal, then stop the prayers that teaches all humans are not born equal, then stop the prayers that teaches myths and filthy beliefs, then stop the prayers that are extremely dangerous to India, America and to the world, then stop the Vedic Prayers that are insane and unscientific.

Dear Senators and Representatives of America,

The very foundation of America is in danger today as the senate member asked
for a hindu/Veda prayer to begin the US senate session on the 12th of July,

While the senate always had Christian chaplain do the prayers, there is a value and respect to start the senate with such prayers. Whereas, the Veda prayers of Hindu religion are one of the most dangerous and discriminatory in its scriptures as well as in day to day usage. The rig Veda from where the Hindu chaplain will read the prayers is an ill conceived, anti-social scriptures that discriminated humans against humans in various aspects, which resulted in huge segregation of people who are leading a poverty ridden life in India.

About 45% of Indians live below poverty, among them more than 250 million of
them are dalits (the so called untouchables) were living a miserable and unacceptable life, they live in constant danger of Hindu’s who preach and practice this very Veda. Dalits and minorities like Christians, Muslims and Sikhs in India live and lead a miserable life, because these people were not allowed to benefit from the education system, they were tactically abandoned to use the natural resources of India and they are not the benefactors of financial resources and economic growths of India, mainly because of the pathological oppressive influence of Vedic teachings.

Though the caste system was made illegal and unconstitutional (by Dr.B.R.Ambedkar the first law minister and father of constitution of India), due to the manipulative and fake godly powers of Vedic teachings, such caste system has been precipitated and perpetuated like a pandemic in the last several thousand years, that is continuing as we speak.

An initiative to encourage such dangerous prayer is a negative step and a huge step backwards from civilized society to an ancient Varna lead uncivilized era.

Please take immediate action to stop the Veda prayers in the US senate floor on
the 12th of July 2007, it will undermine the American values and the Veda
prayers will bring shame to the respects we have for individual humans.

America and Americans has great values on humans, America respects humans
as humans, whereas Hindu’s and Vedic readers are dangerously dispositioned to
treat humans equally as they do not believe in equality, but they certainly and strongly believe in divisive systems like upper, lower castes and outcasts. Dalits are the worst affected of those Vedic preaching’s and prayers. They are the original Indians and inhabitants of Indian land; they were chased out of their own lands and properties by these Veda teaching hindu fundamentalists. The
dalits were once referred as untouchables, but even now in many villages and rural areas the untouchability and unsociability is alive and very common practice of hindus.

No Veda abiding Hindu will ever interact or share any food, clothes or knowledge
with the dalits, because, for the Vedic people no human makes any sense
except their own Veda reading priests and Veda followers, such is their bloated senselessness. For those Vedic people, the dalits are inconceivably lowly, even lower than animals. Do we need such a people come to the senate and read some pathological prayers?

We urge all the representatives, senators and congress men/woman
and president to immediately stop this pandemic of hindu prayers in senate.
We urge all the dalits, Christians, Muslims, Sikhs and non-Hindu’s worldwide to come forward and sign this petition to help the good senators to stop this
menace. All good humans and good citizens who values humans by the very
virtue of human as humans to come forward and sign this petition, let us help the senators to stop this perpetrators of humanity from invading the senate and the senate sessions.


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