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We wish to bring to your notice with much shock and disbelief of the total and wantonly destruction of Ndumberi Golf Course/Sports Ground by Kiambu Municipal Council with much impunity.

Re: Destruction of Ndumberi Sports Ground (Ndumberi Golf Course).

We wish to bring to your notice with much shock and disbelief of the total and wantonly destruction of Ndumberi Golf Course/Sports Ground by Kiambu Municipal Council with much impunity.

The said sports ground was hived out of community land to provide recreational and other social amenities to the Ndumberi community and its diaspora. It’s the only facility of its kind in the Republic of Kenya. The Ndumberi community uses it to hold public gatherings, religious crusades, sports, picnic/resting site and informal meeting place among other usage.

Kiambu Municipal Council was mandated to act as the trustee for the people of Ndumberi, pending the formation of a stakeholders committee. The said committee has never been formerly recognized by the council in its pursuit (the council) to grab the public utility and has remained a toothless bulldog without any clout.

St. Andrews, Ndumberi Golf Club has therefore over the years been the sole and persistent voice of reason for the residents of Ndumberi in propagating through public advocacy, media and court injunctions to prevent and forestall the demise of the said public utility land. Ndumberi Golf Club is once again raising its voice vehemently on behalf of the community for all who can hear that the Municipal Council of Kiambu, has already allocated plots for Government Offices and individual usage. As of this letter, the said buildings are underway, the trenches are in place and the other plots are under cultivation.

As the Ndumberi Community, we believe that we desperately need the facilities that are currently underway and planned to be provided by our good government. We need the services. We need the security. We are saying that the plans have not taken into consideration the various current and future plans of the facility. The stakeholders have not even been consulted the consulted by the council despite several protestations, hence this letter. There is alternative and ample space on the grounds that the community can grant the government to use without the current destruction. Why frustrate the community’s effort? What will happen now to the future generations who will be without their only recreational and social amenity? Have the council given them an alternative? What will they do with their free time? Is substance abuse an option due to the lack of recreational facilities? What about the general public? Why can’t land and funds be allocated to build a public library in Ndumberi, a swimming pool, a social hall, a tennis court, a gymnasium e.t.c. Why do we want to deliberately kill our future? Only you Sir can answer these pertinent questions!

We want to take this opportunity to sincerely thank the C.D.F. committee for allocating funds for the fencing of the grounds. The fencing has further enhanced the security of the course against individual land grabbers and misuse. We also want to inform them that the allocation did not conclude the task. It would be very good if additional funds are allocated in the next financial year to complete the task.

The Golf Club was formed way back in 1963 by a few enlightened Africans, who saw the need for local Kenyans to embrace the white man’s game of golf. It’s the only of golf club of its kind in Africa. It has continued to produce and nurture eminent personalities especially golfers of repute. There are four junior golfers in the club that are on the current list for the Kenya Junior Team. We are in the process of starting the first ever ladies junior team in the club. Why does His Worship, the Mayor of Kiambu Municipal Council (our own councilor) want to finish Ndumberi golf club? Why kill the rich history and heritage of his own people? The people who elected him? Or is it personal? Why can’t the building plans be revised to accommodate all the stakeholders? Why can’t the site be moved? Why can’t all the stakeholders be involved in their own affairs? Could you please ask His Worship, the Mayor on our behalf to kindly answer these pertinent and disturbing questions?

The stakeholder’s meeting that His Worship, the Mayor promised the stakeholders on Saturday 12th July, 2008 was just but to hoodwink our concerted efforts to demand our right. The said meeting was never honored. It never occurred. We therefore do not take His Worship, the Mayor’s attitude kindly. We are saying we are tired to the bone for being slighted. We believe, we must be involved.

We are therefore seeking justice, wise counsel and authority from your office. Justice must be done and seen to be done for the people of Ndumberi. We must preserve our heritage, our identity, our playing ground, our golf club and our stadia. We cherish the believe that the Almighty God will once again come to our aid.

In conclusion, we want your kind office to acknowledge officially that Ndumberi Golf Club has been and will remain the mouth piece for the people of Ndumberi regarding the said facility. However, a strong stakeholder’s forum is now urgently needed. The golf club has been at the forefront in the advocacy of proper planning and usage of the sports complex. Meanwhile, the club will continue to be the unofficial custodian of the facility.

We are calling upon all the relevant authorities to come to our aid once again. If planned and used properly, we believe that the sports complex will continue enriching the lives of the future generations of the Ndumberi Community and the Kenyan diaspora in general. The provision of recreational and social amenities is desperately needed.

It is in light that we have decided to involve institutions, the media, civil societies, stakeholders, individuals and well wishers to immediately implement the following action plan:

1. Publication of posters- denouncing the said building plans
2. Stakeholder’s Committee- to formulate decisive action to counter the building plans
3. Public demonstrations- to the D.C./ Mayor e.t.c. – to sensitize the general public
4. Media Kit/ Notices- mobilize media support to reach the wider Kenyan population
5. Online petitions- to reach sympathizers in the diaspora
6. Internet advocacy- to have a wider reach of this petition
7. Mail to relevant institutions, bodies and individuals
8. Immediate court litigation- to immediately stop the building plans
9. Signatures book- to seek 10,000 signatures in order to show that we have local grassroots support, among others

I remain,

Your’s Faithfully

Mwai Kamau

Imm. Pst. Chairman, Ndumberi Golf Club.

Copies to:

1. The Patron, Kenya Golf Union

2. The Chairman, Kenya Golf Union

3. The Chaiperson, Kenya Ladies Golf Union

4. The Patron, Ndumberi Golf Club

5. The Minister for Youth and Sports

6. The Minister for Local Government

7. The Minister for Land

8. The Minister of State for Provincial Administration and Internal Security

9. The Minister of State for Planning, National Development and Vision Twenty Thirty

10. The Minister for Justice, National Cohesion and Constitutional Affairs

11. The Minister of Public Works

12. The Member of Parliament, Kiambaa Constituency

13. The Provincial Commissioner, Central Province

14. His Worship, the Mayor, Kiambu Municipal Council

15. The Town Clerk, Kiambu Municipal Council

16. The Chief, Ndumberi Location

17. Kiambu Golf Club.

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