Battlefield 3 Premium was bs. Yes, maybe it was a good deal. But to get all these "cool extra features" that should have just been released in patches + getting DLC early was bullshit, and it shouldn't have happened. It was like buying the game twice. They're doing it again for Battlefield 4.

All of us, as gamers, should not have to buy a game twice over just to get our game as it should be. Battlefield 4 Premium should not happen. You should release the expansion packs as they were, on the date you're supposed to. All the other stuff that comes with Premium, give to the gamers for free.

You may have thought Battlefield 3 Premium was successful, but we bought it out of necessity. I refuse to do that again. I want to know if anyone else is with me on this.

Make EA realize their business tactics are alienating their consumer base. Let's do this, guys.

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