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Over the last several years, a number of States have begun to change the regulations in the energy industry to allow competition between energy providers. The deregulation of energy eliminates the local utility company’s monopoly by separating the production/supply of energy from its distribution. This separation creates more competition in both the Electricity and Natural Gas supply industry, which has resulted in significant reduction in utility costs.

All these monopolies had to do to raise rates was go to their utility commission and say they couldn’t be profitable at the current rate and needed a rate increase. They had no reason to be efficient or to live within their budgets. It is interesting that once they lose their monopoly status they are able to lower their prices and compete.

In Deregulated States Energy suppliers, working with Energy Service Companies or ESCO's, now have the ability to provide a variety of choices for service and rates. The concept is to separate the production from the delivery of energy and allow customers a choice as to where they purchase their power (just as they can select their long distance phone carrier). The neighborhood utility company still provides the power distribution through their lines, the maintenance on the lines as well as the billing.

From the customer or end user’s perspective, there will be no change except how much they have to pay for their power. There will be no interruption of services...no fees to switch…no technicians needed. There is usually one line on your bill that states who is supplying/providing the power and the rate.

We the undersigned respectfully insist that you represent the will of the people in your district and pass a bill at the State to: Deregulate Energy (electricity & natural gas) in our state.

We ask that you move quickly to eliminate the energy monopolies and use the language of the law in an already deregulated state such as OH or PA to speed up the process and avoid potential problems of a weakly written bill.

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