#City & Town Planning
Oregon, WI Village Board and Planning Commission
United States of America

Fiduciary Real Estate Development is proposing to build a 160 unit (16 Buildings of 10 units each) high density lower rent apartment complex at the northern entrance to the Bergamont Subdivision and the Western Entrance into the Village. A large high density complex like this should not be the first thing people see when entering Oregon.

In order for Fiduciary to continue with their proposed plan, they need to have the area rezoned from senior housing/commercial zoning to multiple family dwelling. We are requesting that the Oregon Village Board and Planning Commission maintain the existing comprehensive plan for Oregon and deny the rezoning request by Fiduciary Real Estate Development. As well as deny the construction of the proposed apartment complex.

The approval of the apartment complex as proposed by Fiduciary Real Estate Development will negatively affect the home values in the Bergamont Subdivision and adjacent subdivisions.

We (the Bergamont HOA Board) have contacted numerous independent real estate appraisers and everyone of them has said this type of high density, Mid/Low rent complex will have a significant adverse effect on property values, as well as the quality of life in the surrounding areas and Oregon (increases in density, traffic, noise, parking, crime, etc.).

We, the undersigned, call upon the Oregon Planning Commission and Village Board to deny the rezoning request and subsequent construction of the proposed multiple family apartment complex by Fiduciary Real Estate Development.

We feel it will cause a significant drop in quality of life and property value in the adjacent and surrounding subdivisions, and the Village of Oregon as a whole, due to increased high population density, crowding, traffic, parking, noise, and crime.

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