Armi Sport and Taylor's and Co.

Those, who's names are enjoined on this document, are very interested in obtaining accurately reproduced Austrian 54 caliber Lorenz Rifles. These reproduction weapons are desired for the purposes of competitive shooting as well as accurate film-making and living history portrayal.

We believe that an authentically manufactured piece, accurately conforming to the specifications of the originals, would be an item enjoying high demand in the American reproduction black powder arms market.

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WE, the undersigned, hereby submit this petition as a demonstration of demand for the reproduction of the M1854 Austrian 54cal. rifle, also known as the Austrian Lorenz. This weapon was imported in large numbers during the War Between the States 1861-1865 by both Union and Confederate governments and was second only to the British Enfield rifle musket as the largest imported arm in use during the war.

Our interest in this reproduction long arm is for use both as a competitive target arm and for use for historical interpretation and reenactments. It is important that the particular rifle sought be .54 caliber with fixed rear sight, and the cheek piece on the stock. It must be made with the ramrod stored in the channel under the barrel and the correct brass-tipped rammer be provided as well as the quad bayonet with spiral socket method of attachment to the muzzle.

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