#Civil Rights
Chief Justice and Prime minister of INDIA

February 08, 2006

I belong to a very beautiful place kashmir. As is known to you the place is worth seeing because of its beauty & Nature.

Since childhood i saw myself living in a very simple enviroment. We were bestowed by god with everything House Land, business. Suddenly we had to leave our Priceland because of Militancy. What we couldn't have imagined was now a reality.

Several days we spend on road, Park & then in temple before we started again looking for new life from Zero. Since 1990 to 2003 we were living very modest life dependent on our landlords. Now that we tried a little to have our own place & give our parents moment to cherish. I own a flat being Loaned by Bank. I invested all my savings into it. I don't understand why again i have to pay for the System that delhi never has.

We did all legal documents before we took possition. Now in recent times i noticed my flat in demolition drive. How can a Tsunami strike again for me. Can a govt speak about:
1 why buider is allowed to build & sell such flat if they are unauthorized.
2 Why MCD didn't Destroy them on time.
3 Why Bank paid loan for such flats.
4 Why Court gives stamp paper for registration.
5 What measures are being taken to educate people from all this who are measure suffers.

For all this you won't find any answer because there has never been any system. Then could you tell me why we are being faced with such a catastrophe for being Indian?

I request people who feel the same to join the petition. We deserve compensation for demolished homes and relocation expenses.

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