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United Kingdom
United Kingdom

Despite the claim to be a mutual society the directors of the Nationwide Building Society ensure that members cannot exercise their legal right to present any resolutions that could stop the use of very undemocratic and biased voting procedures and they make it almost impossible for members to stand as candidates for the board.

The directors of this society seek to ensure complete control over all elections and resolutions through the use of various undemocratic devices that are not befitting of a genuinely mutual organisation.

The Building Societies Members Association is seeking nominees to support resolutions in an endeavour to overcome the obstacles the directors of the Nationwide Building Society present that deny members their legal rights.

If you are a member of the Nationwide Building Society then please act as a nominee and support the resolutions produced by the Building Societies Members Association (BSMA) to stop the continued undemocratic, anti-mutual and biased methods used in the voting system of the Nationwide Building Society.

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