New York State government officials
United States of America

By denying people who have felonies the right to participate in voting is discriminating and undemocratic. The bill to withhold these rights was created during the Jim Crow era. With the purpose of barring African Americans the right to vote. These laws are still impacting today's society.

Seven times the national average is African Americans who cannot vote due to felony convictions. Pass the Democratic Restoration Act now so the people who are convicted of felonies can vote by the 2012 Presidential Election.

We, the undersigned, hereby petition Congress and federal elected officials to grant the Democratic Restoration Act. That would allow convicted felons on probation, parole and those who completed their sentences the right to vote.

Those criminally convicted have paid their debt to society. They work, pay taxes, raise families and contribute to their communities.

Tell congress to act now to restore our rights to vote by the 2012 Presidential Election.

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