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Arkansas State Senate and House of Representatives
United States of America

From FY2013-FY2017 the Arkansas legislature unconstitutionally (according to the Arkansas Supreme Court) spent millions of tax dollars under the guise of a General Improvement Fund. While some of these funds went to worthy causes, such as fire stations, some of this money was spent on pork projects, or funneled back into the pockets of some law makers. So far, five legislators (following an FBI investigation) have been convicted of fraud or pled guilty in kickback schemes related to the GIF. To date, the recipients of these funds have not been identified, despite several requests from citizens that the legislature come clean.

We, the undersigned citizens of Arkansas, are requesting that each member of the Arkansas House of Representatives and State Senate self-publish the following: For each year; 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017, the dollar amount allocated to each member of the legislature, the recipients’ identity of each "grant," along with the amount given to each recipient, and the date the funds were disbursed.

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