Three Springs Associations
United States of America

Mosquito spraying is scheduled to commence in Three Springs (weekly from June to September) with Aqua Perm 30-30.

The Safety Data Sheet for this product is extremely disconcerting. It includes warnings regarding carcinogenicity and states that the product is "... extremely toxic to fish and aquatic invertebrates. This product is highly toxic to bees ..."

One of the main ingredients in Aqua Perm 30-30 is Permethrin, a substance that has been banned in 28 EU countries and is known to negatively impact the nervous system.

The Safety Data Sheet carries a warning for “Acute Toxicity Inhalation.” The proposed vaporization will cover everything including our homes, lawns, playgrounds, outdoor furniture, grills, bird feeders, plants, etc. This kind of involuntary exposure is quite alarming, especially in a community that is "designed to create a healthy, livable and sustainable community with enhanced quality of life for present and future generations."

The CDC website states that the number of cases of mosquito-borne disease in Colorado is less that 1 in 100,000. The current cancer rates are 1 in 3.

Request the Associations postpone the planned spraying and explore non-toxic alternatives, such as those used by The James Ranch, recommended by Katrina Blair of Turtle Lake Refuge and supported by Dr. Nasha Winters, Fellow of the American Board of Naturopathic Oncology and Dr. Lyn Patrick, Specialist in Environmental Exposure-Related Illness.

We the undersigned, say no to the proposed spraying of Aqua Perm 30-30 in our neighborhood and call on the Three Springs Associations to explore and employ a non-toxic alternative.

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