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The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) consults on new draft quality standards and guidance on service user experience in mental health and patient experience in NHS services and has launched a new consultation.

HOWEVER an interested party has discovered that the only people able to contribute are 'Registered Stakeholders'. and finding out who these are, and being able to get your views represented is a process which guarantees little, if any success.

Some may not wish to provide personal stories to Registered Stakeholders (strangers), and there is no other facility to have YOUR important views heard.

This means the results cannot be fully representative of the Service User Community as a whole and we would call on NICE to consider changing the process by which they determine and gather the evidence they use in their guidelines.

This is especially important during this traumatic period of changes to the NHS, cuts in Mental Health Service budgets and an increase in cases of mental illness.

See http://www.nice.org.uk/newsroom/pressreleases/PatientExpAndAdultMentalHealthServiceUserGuidelineQS.jsp

We, the undersigned, call upon National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence also known as NICE, to take action to review their Service User Consultation process.

We would request that the consultation processes are open to more than 'Registered Stakeholders', and to Service Users nationally.

We request a way for Service Users to be able to 'feed' into consultations privately, and in a manner which ensures they feel safe and confident to contribute very personal experiences.

The current method is not representative of the Service User Experience as a whole and is unfair.

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