Ontario Liberal Government

WHEREAS, in 2010, the Ontario Liberal government promised to consult with voters before implementing a revised sex education curriculum;

WHEREAS, since 2010, the Ontario public has not been given opportunity to provide feedback on proposed sex education changes;

WHEREAS, in late October, 2014, the Ontario Liberal government announced that more revisions to the sex education curriculum would be implemented in time for the next school year;

WHEREAS, the announced plans to consult only one hand-picked parent per school does not constitute broad public feedback on the curriculum, and therefore, the Ontario Liberal government is breaking its 2010 promise to consult the people of Ontario;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED: We, the undersigned, demand all residents of Ontario be allowed the opportunity to view and offer their response to proposed changes to the sex education component of the health and physical education curriculum.

The Demand Full Public Consultation on Ontario Sex-Ed Curriculum Changes petition to Ontario Liberal Government was written by Tanya Granic Allen and is in the category Education at GoPetition.