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Missoula County Elections made national headlines earlier this year after a review of ballot signature envelopes in January found that 4,592 out of all 72,491 mail-in ballots —6.33% of the ballots cast in Missoula County in the 2020 General election— did not have matching ballot signature envelopes[1]. Ballot signature envelopes are required by Montana law and without a ballot signature envelope, a ballot is not legal to count.

When confronted with the discrepancy by the attorney representing the ballot review team, Quentin Rhoades, Missoula County Elections Administrator Bradley Seaman reportedly, “appeared extremely nervous and had no explanation.”[1]

Data from the Zuckerberg-funded Center for Tech & Civic Life shows that 30 of 56 Montana counties including Missoula County were granted money from the organization for elections purposes[2]. On October 6th, 2020, Missoula County Elections Administrator Bradley Seaman received approval from the Missoula County Board of County Commissioners for an agreement with CTCL for grant money in the amount of $312,818.

Gallatin County took $292,839. Ravalli County took $19,593. You should ask your County Elections Administrator how much they took and let everyone know[4].

Seaman and the County Attorney Brian West have slow-walked official Montana Public Records requests for information related to CTCL fund usage, receipts, communications with CTCL. Seaman has engaged in a campaign of ad hominem against Missoulians interested in election integrity instead of addressing the discrepancy of the 4,592 ballots missing legally required chain of custody documentation.

We have not received any of the above mentioned documentation from Missoula County despite other counties being transparent. Sanders County election officials promptly provided their grant information for CTCL, clarifying that they declined the Zuckerberg-funds citing feeling "uneasy"[3] about ambiguous grant terms.

Elections data analyst Seth Keshel shared[5] his data analysis of 2020 Montana elections. Using historical voting and population trends, Keshel estimates 46,000 excess votes statewide. He estimated excess votes in the following 6 counties:

Missoula ~6,000 excess votes ($312,818 from Zuckerberg)
Cascade ~3,000 excess votes ($294,128 from Zuckerberg)
Flathead ~5,000 excess votes ($272,932 from Zuckerberg)
Gallatin ~7,000 excess votes ($292,839 from Zuckerberg)
Lewis & Clark ~3,000 excess votes (funds not yet known)
Yellowstone ~6,000 excess votes (funds not yet known)

State Legislatures across the country including from Alaska, Colorado, Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Virginia, and Wisconsin sent legislative delegations to Arizona in July to tour the election audit proceedings considered to be the “gold standard” by visiting legislators.

A potentially fraudulent election in Missoula County spoils entire State-wide elections and it is therefore in the interest of all of the people in all of the counties in Montana to conduct an audit of Missoula County Elections and potentially all other counties as well.

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[1] A River of Doubt Runs Through Mail Voting in Montana

[2] 30 of 56 Montana Counties Including Missoula Granted Zuckerberg Money for Elections, Legislature Investigating

[3] “Uneasy” Sanders County Election Officials Refused Zuckerberg Funds, Missoula County Stonewalling

[4] Sample CTCL Grant Report Request Letter - Montana Public Records Act Request Format:

[5] https://t.me/RealSKeshel/291

We The People of the County of Missoula and the People of the State of Montana demand that the Montana State Legislature perform a full forensic audit of the Missoula County 2020 General Election. To:

- Restore the integrity of voting in Montana Elections
- Discover the source of the 4500+ vote discrepancy
- Ensure that We The People are represented by the people who we voted to elect

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