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University of Central Missouri Board of Governors

On September 20, 2017, I was stopped by a Campus Police Officer who informed me that use of skateboards of ANY kind is 100% prohibited at all times while on campus grounds. This is a large problem for me as well as many others considering we use skateboards, not for tricks but, for a healthy secondary mode of transportation. The ban of skateboards absolutely on-campus seems to stem from made-up facts surrounding the dangers of skateboarding. Some say that skateboarding is innately "dangerous" as their reason for not allowing skateboarding. Others cite property damage caused by skateboarding as their reason for concern.
The former is simply not true a study done by the British Journal of Sports Medicine in 2001 showed that only 9% (12 of 139) of injuries over a 36 month period on skateboards happen while riders were simply riding on a road or sidewalk. Most injuries happened at while riders were trying to perform tricks on flat ground or ramps, 63% (~88 of 139). Another thing to note is, as of 2014-2015 in England there are an estimated 58,800 adults skateboarding on a monthly basis (cite), which makes skateboarders about .112% of the 2011 population of England, 53.01 million (cite). So over the course of the study which looked at a population of 135,000, there were AT LEAST 5440 opportunities for injury (work, as well as explanations for math, can be provided), if each of those skateboarders only skateboarded ONCE a month. Which is highly unlikely considering many use skateboarding as a mode of transportation. So of those ≥5440 opportunities for injury, only 9 times (.017%) were there minor or moderate injuries caused by simple riding of skateboards on streets or sidewalks. Another note, of the injuries recorded, only 3 (.0055%), where injuries caused by a collision with someone NOT riding a skateboard, A.K.A the most commonly cited reason for concern of most institutions, including UCMO. On top of all of the previous information, the investigators noted ADULTS (age >19) were significantly less likely to have moderate injuries (fractures and concussions) than their younger counterparts.
The latter reason is why I AM CALLING FOR THE LIMITED use of skateboards on campus. This limited use would state that use is strictly limited to use for transportation, not sport. There shall be no tricks involving all 4 wheels of the board leaving the ground. More stipulations including but not limited to, the length of boards as well as the size of wheelbases allowed for riding on campus since there are many types of skateboards with varying purposes, requiring the signature of a waiver filed with the transportation department stating the rider accepts all responsibility for harm or damaged caused by the rider, or limiting times for when use is allowed on campus.
If the Colleges Administration is truly concerned for the health of its students then they would consider getting rid of some of the on-campus sports that have been proven over and over by again countless studies to cause significant long-lasting effects on players. It's time to base policy on facts, not bias. Please consider signing today to help me reach my goal 1000 signatures.

We, the undersigned, call on the Board of Governors for the University of Central Missouri to eliminate the total ban against skateboard use on campus.

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