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Did you know that SCHOOLS are not required by law to have staff trained in the choking life-saving procedures or a LifeVac, a choking life-saving suctioning device, on the premises? CHOKING takes the life of a young kid every 5 days in the US & sends over 12,000 kids to ERs every year. CHOKING is prevalent in SCHOOL cafeterias due to the rushed eating and many distractions. IT ONLY TAKES FOUR MINUTES FOR THE BRAIN TO BEGIN TO DIE. Most schools, only have a nurse trained in the choking life-saving procedures. If your child chokes in the school cafeteria, do you want those precious minutes wasted searching for the school nurse or do you want that lunch monitor to jump into action & perform choking life-saving procedures. Same scenario for the classroom, when your child is having a snack. Do you want those precious minutes wasted searching for a school nurse or do you want that teacher to be empowered & trained in choking life-saving procedures. IT IS IRRESPONSIBLE OF SCHOOLS NOT TO PROVIDE SUCH TRAINING TO THEIR STAFF. THIS IS A MATTER OF SAFETY. We are sending our children to schools that are not properly prepared to handle a choking situation. Your child will not have a fighting chance for survival if the individuals entrusted to watch your child in your absence are not trained in choking life-saving procedures. In addition, choking life-saving procedures is not always 100% effective. Schools should maintain a LifeVac on the premises. This device is used to suction out an item lodged in the throat and, to date, has effectively saved six lives. WE NEED TO DEMAND THAT SCHOOLS RECOGNIZE CHOKING AS A CONSTANT THREAT TO THE SAFETY OF OUR CHILDREN AND TO IMPLEMENT THE PROPER PROTOCOLS TO SAVE OUR KIDS LIVES IF THEY ARE EVER FACED WITH A CHOKING EVENT.

By signing this petition, you are voicing your concern and dismay over the lack of safety in our schools with regards to choking. You support training of school staff in choking life-saving procedures and maintaining a LifeVac on school premises. I will take this petition to our New York elected officials and demand that they hear our voices and take action to prevent another senseless, choking death of our young kids in SCHOOLS.

Thank you for your support.
To honor the memory of my godson JT

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