The Chief Minister of Bihar

Bihar, the third largest state of India, has distinction of sending one of the highest number of students outside the state for fundamental as well as advanced education.

A state which should have been the educational hub of India, kept seeing exodus of young minds in search of education. After long wait for decades, Bihar finally got a Central University in 2009. However, 2 years have passed and CUB has not been given the required permamnent campus at a place suitable according to its status, a place which could be well connected, infrastructure well supported and meet its status as a central University and allure the best brains as faculties and students from all corners of world, the vision with which it was started, with a thought of bringing educational revolution in Bihar.

Today CUB suffering due to this and deserves the most urgent and committed solution with permanent campus at right place, to successfully run the university.

We, the undersigned, intellectuals, academicians and students as well as people from Bihar, request and demand from the Chief Minister of Bihar, to provide the Central University of Bihar (CUB), a suitable permanent land for its campus, in a place which could match its status as a central university in terms of infrastructure, connectivity, safety/security, social activism and required standards, so that the Central University of Bihar (CUB) could start realizing the goals, for which it was started after decades of wait, in a state which deserved and required such university for its knowledge hungry and intellectually proven society for long time.

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The Demand for Permanent Campus for Central University of Bihar (CUB) petition to The Chief Minister of Bihar was written by Ravi Shankar and is in the category Education at GoPetition.