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Hi! My name is Aliya Kasabian and I am 12 years old. I have always been sensitive to scary images, even when I know they aren't real. My real HATE for horror commercials started when I was watching a group called Studio C (A totally family friendly group) on my Kindle Fire in my living room. There is always an ad before Youtube commercials and I had never had a problem with them until then. A "The Visit" (A horror movie) ad showed up and I FREAKED OUT! I literally THREW my kindle to the floor and started having a break down. From then on I wondered why anyone would be allowed to expose such horrid images and sounds to a lower rated channel/show.

I was able to live with horror commercials, I was just ready to close my eyes whenever an ad started. I figured it would do until June 8th of 2016. I was catching up on the latest America's got Talent episode (It is TV PG) and an R rated horror commercial came on.

Some commercials I can just look away, but I had to turn around and plug my ears in pure fear and frustration. At dinner that night I wasn't even scared, I was angry. I was tired of having to worry every time I watched something. Angry at the people who made it possible to show that ad on that show. I thought I was too young to make a change, but then I figured out you can be any age to start a petition, you just have to have adults sign it.

Please help out and sign for a good cause. How would you feel if your little girl was watching My Little Pony on any website and was exposed to such content? That's what I thought.

Demand an end to Horror commercials while watching Y/G/PG/PG-13 television or movies!

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