#Animal Rights
United States of America
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)

My issue is about people abusing and abandoning their pets like dogs and cats. But mostly dogs. This is important because sometimes animals are injured but they have no one to cure their wound and die because it gets infected. And they sometimes die of hunger too. When they have human contact they are scared to death because they hadn’t had contact with a human for so long. By abusing them is by some people usually use chickens and dogs for fights. Chickens fight with other chickens they kill each other to death. And that is not right. Also with dogs too. Dogs fight each other like biting each other like crazy. And one survives but sometimes the other one doesn't. The one who is alive is badly hurt. Many dogs suffer stress and behavior issues spiral. Sometimes the people really don’t care about them and leave them injured. And that is not right because they're losing their lives just for the cruel people to earn money.

In recent years there has been an increase in the number of animal cases in the nation. We as a society need to make stricter penalties and/or fines for those people caught abusing animals and using them for blood sports to win money, ban people accused of abusing animals from owning their own pets, incorporate background checks for people wanting to adopt pets just like purchasing a gun to see if the person has a criminal record.

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