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This petition is about the-n not showing accidents will happen in the united states but they showed in canada other kids and i think that's not fair because we are no diffrent than them we all watch the same show so why not show it, it's apart of life so thats why im making this petition.

So in accidents will happen manny gets pregnant by craig but she doesn't know if she's going to keep it or not. Craig wants manny to have the baby and so does emma but manny's not sure, so manny goes to spike and askes her for help and spike says whatever you do im right behind you 100%, but manny says her mom will kill her so she goes and gets the abortion instead.

Sign this petition because we all should have the rights to watch accidents will happen because if they can show people getting killed, raped, beat, and cutting themselves they should be able to show abortions. IT'S APART OF LIFE!

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