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Sugdenism did not die when the character finally left Coronation Street and you don't necessarily have to be old to be a Sugden. Their presence is felt anywhere and everywhere as meddlesome self-righteous intrusion into our daily lives:

They are the occasional busybody on public transport who rally for passengers support against a misguided albeit inoffensive youth who has their feet up on the seats.

The ones who wish to return to the draconian days of discipline and corporal punishment, constantly criticising the unsung good deeds our liberals who fought tooth and claw to end them. (Back to Basics circa '94)

The condemners of modern men who refuse to patronise women by giving up their seats in public places.

The ones who want to bring back national service (and the birch) to younger generations because they "all have it too easy."

The constant extollers of "respect" "discipline" and "manners" not always practicing them of course but believing such virtues no longer exist.

Sugdenism has been around a lot longer people think and before Corrie's character had been invented. It is the unnoticed doctrine of small-minded sanctimonious bigotry mainly in small towns or suburban areas across the land and will sadly always be with us. It cannot be eliminated so the best we can do is to defy it at the day-to-day public level it manifests!

Yes, I want to live in a down-to-earth society free of busybodies and their pious values. Here's to a National feet-on-seats Day.

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