State of Illinois, House Speaker Michael Madigan, Governor Pat Quinn

A Physician Aid in Dying, or Death with Dignity law, is where society supports the right for a terminally ill citizen of sound mind - who desires it entirely of their own will - to a peaceful, dignified end to their suffering.

A dignified, peaceful ending for somebody with an agonizing terminal illness is arguably protected by the 8th, 9th, 13th, and 14th amendments to the United States Constitution.

I support the right to choose in Illinois. The people and/or governments of Oregon, Washington, Montana, Vermont, New Mexico have all agreed that at least in cases of terminal illness, patients should have the right to choose to end their suffering in a dignified, painless as possible manner. A Pennyslvania court ruling in February of 2014 may serve as a precedent to prepare for a Physician Aid in Dying program there. Oregon's Death with Dignity Act has been law since 1994, has worked smoothly, and has not experienced abuse.

Illinois needs to have these programs ready for the coming calamities that our world looks to be facing. A Death with Dignity law is in the interest of every citizen of Illinois.

There are increasing numbers of terminally ill people in Illinois who, these constitutionally supported laws, may be tortured to death.

If faced with a terminal illness, I support legalizing the 14th amendment right for the that person to use whatever means necessary to end their suffering in as painless and dignified a manner possible.

I support the creation of a Physician Aid in Dying/Death with Dignity program in Illinois based on the Oregon model.

This program I am supporting should include the most rigorous safeguards to do everything possible to ensure that the decision was completely the will of the terminally ill person, and that they are of sound mind.

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