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In Australia's two wars of the early 20th century—the Second Boer War and World War I—the Waler was the backbone of the Australian Light Horse mounted forces. It was especially suited to working in the harsh climate of the Sinai Peninsula and Palestine, where it proved superior to the camel as a means of transporting large bodies of troops.

During World War II, 360 Australian Walers were assigned to the Texas National Guard 112th Cavalry in New Caledonia. The horses were eventually deemed unfit for jungle warfare. They were sent to India where they served with the Chinese Army before being assigned to the unit known as Merrill's Marauders.

As demand for remounts declined in the 1940s, the Waler trade ended. Today’s Waler is a functional Australian horse, bred from bloodlines that came to Australia before 1945, that is free of imported genetics since that time.

We ask the Senate to honor the Waler through the descendents of this horse that still roam Australia today by making him an Australian icon for his impact on forming this country by carrying our pioneers in the early years and our diggers in the Second Boer War and World War I.

When you ask any Australian; "What's a Waler?" you mostly get a "no idea" or a funny guess as an answer. In our opinion the Waler deserves to be acknowledged and celebrated more and cannot be forgotten but should be known by any Australian given his important part in forming and defending this country.

The Waler has earned a special place in our history. Bred from horses that were brought to Australia with the first fleet, his strengths, endurance and courage ought to be honored. Let's do this great horse justice.

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