#Human Rights
Government of South Africa

The country of South Africa has gained the dubious distinction of becoming "the rape capital of the world". The savage rape and victimization of children is an everyday occurence.

Children as young as just a few months have been gang-raped by groups of men that very often include a relative; one child was raped by a group of men that included her own grandfather.

The pandemic spread of HIV and AIDS in these countries coupled with the Virgin Sex Myth that many believe has led many AIDS infected men to seek to have sex with a virgin, the younger the better, in order to be "healed" of their disease. Other men, while not believing this myth, seek to have sex with virgins in order to avoid contracting AIDS from older, infected women.

As global citizens we must put an end to the barbaric and senseless crimes against women and children.

We, the citizens of the world, are outraged by the widespread abuse and rape of innocent children and women that is occurring within the borders of South Africa.

Child-rape has reached pandemic proportions in the country of South Africa and many other places in the world. Many of these children and infants, some as young a few months old, are being brutally raped by the fathers, uncles, brothers and grandfathers whose responsibility is to protect them.

While these sadistic predators have not honored their commitment and moral responsibilities to these children and women, we, as global citizens, are committed to becoming their advocates. We will not fail them.

It is, therefore, our determination to put an end to the savage rape and molestation of these young, innocent victims.

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