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Mr. Monopoly is really a public school teacher named Michael Bowen from WNY. Mr. Bowen has been involved in the anti- Common Core movement for two years. He wishes to publically debate any politician, business leader, educator, or group in favor of the Common Core curriculum.

Mr. Bowen feels the coverage surrounding the Common Core in the Buffalo News has been one-sided. He wants to provide an open forum that weighs the curriculum's merits and shares the facts with the public.

Please sign this petition to encourage the Buffalo News to sponsor such an event on the last day of school!

We, the undersigned, call upon the Buffalo News to sponsor a debate over the Common Core between Mr. Monopoly (Mr. Michael Bowen/ public school teacher) and any educator, politician, business leader, or group of the Buffalo News' choosing to be held in an open, public forum on the last day of school, June 27, 2014, or shortly thereafter:

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