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I bought a Gold Membership + VIP Subscription a few weeks ago.
I went online played Cynical and it was a really good playerworld.
Booj was Owner,... we got friends and worked on a few Projects together (non Graal Related Projects). But then he wanted to quit he gave over the ownership to Stukey some Staff of him.
Stukey didn't do much he only made the staff tags crashing, and gave the NPC Server in Player List and he also did add a Guild NPC which is absolutely useless.

Most of the Staff went crazy and was fired because of Stukeys Ownership.
And most of the Players left Cynical because of this.
I talked to Booj on the same day for trying to get me the Ownership because i think i am good and i can get Cynical back to a really interesting PW. I worked on a few Projects and i am also working on non Graal Related Projects. But lets come to the point Booj said he will think about it. And that was 4-5 days ago now. I want really help Cynical getting back to the status it was when i started playing it. So please help me and the people of Cynical and get a better Owner.

I am against Stukey! If you are too against him then sign this petition against him and for me! I will bring Cynical back as you know it!

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