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This is a GLOBAL petition to reform the way that children are protected (or rather not protected) in the World... From child slavery, starvation, abuse at the hands of parents, caregivers, etc. Babies are murdered everyday, most commonly by their OWN parents..... This must be stopped.

We, the undersigned call upon the The Government of Canada, the UN and all governments to reform Child Protection Laws and reinstate the death penalty.

Children who are listed "at risk" CANNOT be placed back into the environment where they are at risk. Babies die everyday because "social services" does a cursory examination of a child's environment and deems them "safe" and does nothing until the child dies.

The perpetrators of these horrendous crimes should be put to DEATH. Why should they be put in prison for life, living in relative comfort and draining the taxpayer's money, money that could be put to better use by having better child protection. Currently people generally service half of the sentence handed down to them and then they are free to have more babies to torture and murder.

These monsters cannot be reformed... they will do it over and over again. It has to be stopped. These sick perpetrators of the worst crime possible - harming an innocent child - must be dealt with harshly and swiftly..... nothing short of the death penalty is enough.

Please sign this petition to reform the so-called Child Protection Laws and reinstate the death penalty!

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