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Dear Facebook for the past couple months Bobby Deans #BlameBobbyDeans and the Facebook Group Dline The American Bully Wolf Pit has been relentlessly cyber bullied by evil ppl in the American Bully Community specifically the ABKC Regsity and (some) people in the Exotic Bully community. We don’t know exactly who all of them are, because of you (Facebook). You let them file anonymous LIES, slander, and malicious allegations about , and you do nothing to stop it. Our Facebook group Dline was the fastest most popular group in the American Bully World and you all at Facebook has let this evil registry the ABKC stop our growth and more importantly our right of freedom of speech. As well as our right to defend ourselves and our breed. How on earth is this fair, Bobby Deans has repeatedly over and over by you been blocked, jailed and disabled by you from numerous accounts he has had to make, When he is on an account that you let out of jail for a few ours you block him from doing live videos, you delete his videos, you boot people off his lives, mute people, blackout guests and we are in a private group. Why is our group private because we were forced to make it private by all these false anonymous reports when we were public we go private and we are still harassed daily. Bobby has made numberous accounts that u continuously shut down before he can even post, You all are bullying him and now others in our private group. He is attacked daily by people with death threats on posts and videos we report them to you all at Facebook and we get a response that it doesn’t violate anything. SMH How is it that when he posts their screenshots y’all put him in Facebook jail for defending himself because y’all won’t, Ya’ll constantly put him in jail for bullying are you serious Facebook? Y’all at Facebook our forcing thousands of people to use other social media platforms because you refuse to do something about the real bullies, the villains who attack us, Yet they get to report us anonymously every day and you protect them but not us. How is this remotely fair to us in a private group. Every thing we post is reputed and it’s lies,. Meanwhile you let porn videos, beheadings etc Play daily after we have reported those. however we in Dline can’t even defend ourselves against these keep reporting us with lies? You have thrown Bobby Deans, Roberts Deans, Bobby Deans Jr. R. E. Deans Jr Bobb Afb Deans and his other screennames that he has had to make, because of y’all at Facebookin he can’t even stay on Facebook 24 hours. You alls lack of due process or due diligence has hendered his growth, the spread of the truth about our breed and out right opportunity for he and us at Dline to defend ourselves. To say it’s frustrating would be a vast understatement numberous people have been reporting this problem to y’all and y’all refuse to handle it. There is no way that y’all a billion dollar company has thoroughly looked at his videos or posts which are always reactions to the evil ones actions. He and others in Dline have had numerous posts about dogs and people in The American Bully World taken down daily. Y’all are flagging and blocking everything from his IP address and now others in our private Facebook group that due to yalls neglect has all but been destroyed. For the sake of our freedom of speech and for the sake of our dogs can you please LEAVE BOBBY DEANS AND DLINE ALONE and Block all the bad people that report us who are all bad for our beloved breed the American Bully Thank you and God Bless

We are asking that Facebook leave Bobby Deans, Blame Bobby Deans, Robert Deans and all group members in the Facebook group “Dline The American Bully Wolf Pit” alone. Facebook is cyber bullying and down right harrasing everyone in the private Dline Facebook group. Bobby Deans is being attacked daily even when he proves he’s being threatened by people on Facebook with video, screenshots and y’all at Facebook block and Jail Mr Deans. You do this daily along with blocking and deleting all his live videos regardless of what account he does them from. He is NOT the one bullying, the ABKC and the ones reporting these lies are the real Bullies.. PLEASE STOP FACEBOOK LEAVE BOBBY DEANS AND DLINE ALONE PLEASE

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