#Daylight Saving
Queensland State Government

Queenslanders deserve the right to vote on this issue. It's been 20 years since our last opportunity to vote and the State has modernized it's outlook, economy and population drastically since then.

There is simply no compelling reason not to choose daylight savings for our State. Changing clocks is clearly not a big hassle in the digital age and there will still be the same number of hours of daylight.

Our hospitality and tourism industries will grow with an extra hour of daylight after work. Our sporting and fitness community will grow with more opportunity for more people to get involved.

It will be easier for companies in other States and for global organizations to do business with us. Interstate and Queensland FIFO workers will benefit together from a universal time zone.

Queenslanders will be happier, healthier, more prosperous and united, able to make the most of our exceptional climate that is the envy of the other States.

It's time for the whole State to modernise our outlook and create a better, brighter Queensland for all.

It's time we discussed this issue again. We want a chance to vote...

We, the undersigned, would like the opportunity to vote on daylight savings for Queensland.

It has been 20 years since our last opportunity and we believe the vast majority of Queenslanders would like to see a vote take place.

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