The Government of Queensland

In Brisbane it gets dark at 6pm, the time when most people come home from work. Many other countries around the globe operate Daylight Saving Time (DST) to ensure that there is more light in the day when people need it the most.

Some countries operate DST all year round, others chose to move the clocks forward during the summer months to let people enjoy the daylight in the evening but Queensland and the South East Corner in particular do neither.

So we have a situation where Sydney and Melbourne despite being further East that Brisbane move their clocks an hour ahead in the summer, This makes it very difficult for anyone who has to do business with the southern states.

Anna Bligh, the new premier of QLD has decided that she will not be looking at DST, despite the majority of people who would like to see it introduced. We say this is wrong and undemocratic to have the needs of the minority in the north overrule the needs of the majority in the south.

To Premier Anna Bligh,

We are the people who are contributing the most to Queensland’s economy, we are the ones who are working longer hours to make Brisbane the city it has become and we are the ones who's voices need to be heard.

We, the citizens of South East Queensland "The Smart State" are signing this petition to ask for a trial of DST to be implemented as soon as possible, Preferably this year, to be followed by a referendum to let the voters decide what they want.

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