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The Sacrifice Medal may be awarded to members of military missions who, on or after October 7, 2001, are killed or wounded under honourable circumstances as a direct result of hostile action, if those injuries require treatment by a physician. Psychological injuries are eligible.

The Sacrifice Medal replaces the Wound Stripe.

We, the undersigned, commend Canadian Government for recognizing the physical and psychological sacrifices made by members of the Military.

However, we believe that the date upon which the Sacrifice Medal is conditional (October 7, 2001) is too restrictive, and fails to honour the sacrifices of members of the Canadian Military who are struggling with the losses they endured in numerous demanding tours of duty in earlier years.

Therefore, we respectfully request that the Canadian Government revise this date. In recognition of the contributions of Canadians to keeping the peace of the world, we suggest that the date August 9, 1974 would honour Canada’s greatest peacekeeping sacrifice to date, and the sacrifices borne by all who followed.

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