#Neighborhood Living
Fairfield Police Department

We the tenants on the Bland Street, Fairfield NSW are expressing our concern and a need for urgent action in relation to Mr Jury Anatoli living on the 18a Bland Street, Fairfield NSW due to his drink driving behaviour.

It is of our concern that Mr Anatoli is often driving while intoxicated and therefore is endangering himself and all other pedestrians and drives alike who may find themselves in the Bland Street, or Indeed any other area while Mr Anatoli is driving.

We, the undersigned, call on the Fairfield Police Department to strictly monitor Mr Anatoli (18 a Bland Street, Fairfield NSW 2165) behaviour while driving and to assess his ability to drive.

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The Dangerous Drink Driving Behaviour petition to Fairfield Police Department was written by Shayla Tuk and is in the category Neighborhood Living at GoPetition.